Some of Our Areas of Expertise

Government and Research

Achieve A&A success and quality continuous monitoring while navigating federal, state, and DoD directives, limited budget, and multiple stakeholder demands

Electric and Energy

Protect often-dispersed critical infrastructure in highly regulated industries that must continuously work with and satisfy investors, regulators, operational managers, unions, auditors, etc.

Education and Health

Address the unique challenges of handling customer information in environments where disclosures are at once both necessary and carefully controlled

Regulatory Compliance
and Reporting

Create programs and architectures that don’t just achieve compliance, but are truly sustainable and can keep you there… Discover the ‘hidden work’ that is necessary to prove your compliance 24/7/365

Industrial Controland Critical Infrastructure

Security where ICS may support limited technical controls, and where ensuring real-time operational stability can mean the difference between productivity and poverty… or life and death

Privacy and Data
Loss Prevention

It’s difficult enough keeping the bad guys out, but what’s your answer after they (inevitably) get in?

Leverage technologies and processes to discover C&C, exfiltrations, and insider threats

800 Series

Get an ATO by establishing a FISMA/RMF program that is based on a pragmatic, holistic, risk-based analysis that adheres to DoE and DoDI 8510.01 expectations; break away from the ‘DIACAP Trap’ mindset


Properly establish PSPs, ESPs, manageable LERC infrastructures, and architected compliance programs that are compliant, sustainable, and adaptable to future regulatory frameworks (e.g., v7, RMF)

ISO 27000 Series

Information Security Management System (ISMS) standards are leveraged to provide organizational consistency to your risk management governance and operations