What is “centripetum”?

Centripetum is any movement towards a center or middle. In nature, centripetum occurs when forces like gravity and friction act to pull an object towards the center… rather than drifting off or continuing on in a straight line.

What is Centripetum, LLC?


Centripetum was established with the purpose of helping small and medium-sized enterprises address the competing forces that come from growth – forces that pull businesses away from their center, their core, their vision.

Evolving business risks • Legal and compliance requirements • Complex technology and infrastructures • Expanding operational expectations

These competing forces are not going to go away, but there are ways to address them strategically so that they don’t become overwhelming.

What can we do for you?

We understand: your organization is simply ‘not what it was’ 5 years ago.

Change is not only inevitable, but the rate of change you will experience going forward will only accelerate. What once took 2 years to evolve… is shrinking to 2 months.

The answer is to re-focus and re-center on that vision for the future you once had (and sure, maybe update that a little, too).  But to make that work in this ever-changing world,  you will need to re-evaluate the way you think about, manage, and live your organization.

In a global economy (in which you operate, whether you believe it or not), keeping your operations aligned with your vision actually requires adaptation, the regular adoption of new paradigms, and lots of perseverance… it’s a model in which change itself is part of the organizational function, and its culture.

Sustained focus for the long-term means embracing change and the future (whatever it may bring) – not running or hiding from it.  It means being prepared to abandon habits or trappings of the past and learning to work in harmony with the ever-changing forces around us.

Take a deep breath, and don’t panic.  We can help.