What is “centripetum”?

Centripetum is any movement or force towards a center or middle. In nature, centripetum occurs when forces like gravity and friction act to pull an object towards the center… rather than drifting off or continuing on in a straight line.

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What is Centripetum, LLC?


Centripetum’s simple purpose is to assist small and medium enterprises in addressing the competing forces that come from growth and change – forces that pull the business away from its center, its core, its vision.

Evolving business risks • Legal and compliance requirements • Complex technology and infrastructures • Cybersecurity and data protections • Expanding operational expectations

These competing forces will never disappear, but there are ways to address them strategically so that they don’t become overwhelming.

What can we do for you?

Only about half of all businesses make it past their first 5 years.  That’s because running any business is infinitely more complex than it was 5 years ago.  The same will be true 5 years from now, so it isn’t going to get any easier.

Change is not only inevitable, but technology is driving the rate of change even more so: what once took a year to develop… is shrinking to a month.

Centripetum serves to assist your business in re-focusing and re-centering on a vision for the future that is sustainable and successful.

  • Establish a culture of change

  • Identify strategies that align with your vision

  • Adapt and adopt the new paradigms of a global economy

  • Realign how you think about, manage, and live your organization

  • Incorporate legal and regulatory obligations as opportunities, not burdens

  • Secure and protect assets from volatility and bad actors

Return to your center.