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To provide information, strategies, systems, and oversight that add value to growing organizations by preserving the client’s focus on its core mission, enabling informed and effective governance, and managing and mitigating operational risks today and into the future.


To instill positive leadership, lifelong learning, and risk management values across our clients that drives success and growth towards achieving their own missions and visions by implementing sound governance and risk management practices.


Centripetum provides value through business management, customized architectures, proper systems design, and practical operational security solutions that effectively address the risk.

Daniel Ziesmer
Daniel ZiesmerCEO

The Principal at Centripetum, Daniel Ziesmer, has more than 20 years of extensive experience in the fields of information technology, cybersecurity and risk management, business operations and management, and governance.  Daniel is able to bring his unique experiences and insights to assist organizations in sharpening their focus, identifying critical issues, and developing strategic plans that don’t just read well… but actually work.

Amy Ziesmer
Amy ZiesmerCFO

Amy Ziesmer brings more than 25 years of accounting, financial, and managerial experience in a wide variety of industries to her role as the CFO and a consultant in the areas of accounting, finance, human resource operations, and risk management. Amy also has unique experiences in establishing, tax-structuring, and operationally aligning small and medium organizations.


  • We start at the top: make sure governance embraces its responsibilities and has a clear understanding of what it wants to accomplish
  • We separate governance and ownership from operations: empower the people you hire to run the organization with flexibility, creativity, and oversight
  • We focus on establishing operational controls that define a consistent method of doing business: ensure that all aspects of the company – from cybersecurity to customer satisfaction – are reliably managed and that performance is measurable
  • We provide proven, cost-effective, scaled, and practical solutions: establish controls that work with each organization’s unique needs and environment
  • We create continuous quality improvement loops that ensure that the organization can embrace innovation, exploring new opportunities, and constantly adapt to inevitable changes


At Centripetum, the underpinning of our work is to assist you in identifying and understanding the nuances of your critical issues related to control, cybersecurity, and/or compliance, and then identifying and developing both technical and operational solutions that can address them.

We understand that – in business – simply throwing more money, people, or equipment at a problem is at best a quick fix, and seldom the answer.  Even worse, these approaches waste resources that could be addressing the real problem, and distract from the kind of planning and efforts that can lead to the results you are truly seeking… value, security, reliability, sustainability…

Our process is much simpler: get to the root of a problem and generate ideas and solutions, with real costs (or savings), that will generate real value for your business.

Contact us today, and let’s work together to see how we can help you.

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