Training and Education

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As a former college and university Professor, our CEO takes the lead in our training and education efforts. Daniel has a commitment to life-long learning backed up with years of experience in converting complex and difficult subjects into understandable learning components and teachable moments.

At Centripetum, we don’t have a one size fits-all approach to learning… we know that the kinds of knowledge, skills, and abilities you want to foster in your organization are as unique as the people who work there.  As a result, we’ll work with you in whatever format works best for you, and at prices that are the most affordable in the industry.

  • “We just have a lot of different questions we want to get some answers to.”
  • “We don’t know what we don’t know.”
  • “We aren’t sure where to start, and just need a nudge.”
  • “We have some ideas, but need a solid sounding board to make sure we’re going in the right direction.”
  • “We have a plan, but we’re looking for other people’s ideas and perspectives.”

Do any of these sound familiar to you?  We know that sometimes you just want to have an expert to talk to and bounce ideas off of.  We’re readily available to have the discussions you need, and you don’t have to wait weeks to schedule a time.  We can usually be on your calendar in 48 hours or less.


  • Question-and-Answer sessions are billed at the general hourly rate (1 hour minimum), regardless of group size

Maybe you have a specific topic you want to deep-dive on, but you don’t have the time or expertise to pull everything together on your end.  We understand, and we can help.  In most cases we’ve likely discussed the topic many times before, so we’ll just need to verify nothing in your industry has changed; if we haven’t covered it, we love to learn!  Some example topics we delve into regularly include:

  • Recent memorandums, letters, or regulatory notices that may affect your industry
  • Recent state laws and how they might impact your business
  • Specific business strategies you are considering (we require MNDAs for every customer)
  • Choosing a software package or third-party service provider
  • Fixed cost reduction plans, revenue distributions, organizational/personnel strategies
  • Postmortems following a cybersecurity event/incident
  • Scenario planning for a disaster recovery test you plan to run


  • Discussions are billed at the general hourly rate (1 hour minimum), regardless of group size, plus one additional hour of preparation time
    • If a presentation slide deck is requested or required, see our rates for Courses
  • Any presentation materials we develop or resources we gather are provided to you free of charge

It doesn’t matter who you are: we’ve worked with CISOs, CFOs, CEOs, Executive Boards, government teams, and even cybersecurity professionals who have admitted they didn’t know about certain basic cybersecurity hygiene practices. It’s OK… in this field we ALL learn something new every day, because things are changing every day!

Our cybersecurity training options are tailored to your audience… whether you need a high-level training program of best practices for your general pool of employees, a technically focused offering for your IT staff, or a broader cybersecurity and situational awareness combo for field and traveling staff.

We’ll build a program and the training modules you need that work for you. Every organization is different, so why would anyone assume that some canned training program is going to be a good fit?  Better yet, we provide the conversation behind the slide – we’re available to provide real answers when the training doesn’t.

  • 101 – A general course for everyone, tailored to your industry
  • 201 – A more specific course tailored to your specific organizational operations and tools; to include tips and techniques for specific security tools you use, proprietary business products and services, and unique operations (e.g., OT/SCADA systems, machinery/heavy equipment environments, cleared facilities, extensive work-from-home, physical security challenges, etc.)
  • Advanced Risk Management Strategies (ARMS) – A management-oriented program that focus on risk identification and assessment, evaluation techniques, management, KPIs vs KRIs, and practical methods to integrate RM into both strategic planning and daily operations.


  • $1424 per customized training module (we use your existing corporate templates, or can even build ones for you!)
    • Free updates (just send us a request) to existing content topics for one year
    • General hourly rate applies for content expansion or updates thereafter
  • Training meetings are billed at the general hourly rate (1 hour minimum), regardless of group size
  • Do you need questions answered over time? Purchase an additional 5-hour block of ad-hoc time for only $500, and have us as a reference when training questions and concerns arise


It’s no problem, just ask! We’ve covered a LOT of training and courses in our time:

Management Fundamentals
Basic Accounting
Financial Management

Strategic Planning
Policy Governance Model
IT Governance, COBIT, ITIL
CEO and Board Performance

Microsoft Office/365
Adobe Acrobat

Physical Security Principles
Active Shooter Preparation
Business Continuity Planning
Disaster Preparation

WHEW… well, we think you get the idea!