Understanding Federal Cybersecurity Compliance

(This page is under construction as of March 2023. We’ll be building this out throughout the rest of the month.)

Here at Centripetum, we decided to originally create this page to provide honest, unbiased advice on CUI and the future of CMMC efforts under the Department of Defense. The content has expanded slightly since then, but the core discussion is still here.

Basically, we wrote this because we know there are lots of small companies who will NEVER be able to afford extensive consulting services, but still need to at least know where they stand. In the past we’ve worked with companies with a variety of different needs: some of you we spent a few hours with just to get a reality check, some we helped by giving you a push in the right direction over the course of a few months, and some of you we’ve worked with on and off for years.

We would like to help if we can, and while we’d like you to consider using our services, the most important thing is for you to figure out the best way you can protect our nation’s security interests.