Daniel Ziesmer, the President of Centripetum LLC, will be presenting at the 7th Annual Colorado Springs Technology and Training Forum (CSTTF), being held in Colorado Springs, CO, August 30-31.

Daniel will be presenting on the use of business metrics to demonstrate the value of a risk management and cybersecurity program.  The concept isn’t actually new, but too often cybersecurity professionals either a.) come from a technical background or are b.) fully entrenched in the technical operations of cybersecurity.  Those of us who function in the field intuitively understand that cybersecurity and risk management is important, but the challenge comes from showing how cybersecurity creates value for an organization.  Without showing value, for example, it can often be difficult to make a case for expenditures and investment in the name of “managing risk” or “cybersecurity”.

The conference is free for military/government personnel (all those with a .mil or .gov e-mail address) and members of the Colorado Springs (COS) ISSA Chapter. Otherwise, the conference is $250 for everyone else!

Here’s a little hint: If you are already a member of ISSA and another chapter, you can add the COS Chapter to this year’s current membership for a mere $25 so you too can effectively attend ‘free’.  In fact, becoming an ISSA member and COS Chapter together is only $120.  Becoming a member of ISSA costs less than 50% of registration, and gives you all the benefits of membership too!

All of the details on the conference can be found here – http://www.fbcinc.com/e/csttf/