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21Aug 2018

Presenting at the 2018 ISSA International Conference and Cyber Atlanta 2018

By |August 21st, 2018|Presentations|

Daniel Ziesmer will be presenting at the ISSA International Conference again this year, on the topic of: "Death by a Thousand Paper Cuts: The Small Business Security Problem". Did you know there is a massive [...]

1Feb 2018

Visit Our Booth and Presentation at Four Corners CyberCon 2018

By |February 1st, 2018|Presentations|

Centripetum will have a booth at CyberCon 2018 being hosted at San Juan College in Farmington, NM.  In addition, the President will be presenting a lively and informative discussion on incident response planning: Have you [...]

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The mission of Centripetum is to assist clients with the careful identification, assessment, and addressment of risks to your business, especially those that arise from the use of information technology.
Enabling successful businesses with the information, strategies, and systems that will protect their organization and manage risk today, and into the future.
Centripetum provides value through business management, customized architectures, proper systems design, and practical operational security solutions that effectively address the risk.
At Centripetum, the underpinning of our work is to assist you in identifying and understanding the nuances of your critical issues, and identifying and developing both technical and operational solutions that can address them... we will get to the root of a problem and generate ideas and solutions - with pragmatic costs (or savings) - that will generate real value for your business.