Centripetum announces its official creation as a business today.  As its founder and owner, I created this organization as a means to provide low-cost risk management and IT cybersecurity to small and medium-sized businesses that cannot afford ‘big name’ consulting companies or full-time resources.

I have spent a good deal of time working with small business owners over the years, and when I have been able to have frank discussions surrounding their successes, failures, and overall experiences, I am often amazed that one of the common themes they attribute to their current state is none other than… luck.  I’m sure that many of these owners would not be so comfortable to state as such publicly, but their sincerity at the time made me realize that it isn’t as far-fetched as one might otherwise think.  Sure, hard work and dedication were absolutely vital to keeping their businesses running, but as a risk management professional there is something to be said for an appreciation of the seemingly infinite variables, influences, and timeline events that can be the difference between a success and a failure.

Of course, I don’t like relying on luck, and it certainly isn’t something upon which to base a sound business strategy.  In the high stakes game of cybersecurity, for example, luck will soon be a thing of the past: automated cybercrime, terrorism, and warfare is on the horizon.  Like all skirmishes, casualties of war are inevitable, but in the cyber-world those attacks can’t be seen coming over the horizon.  Even worse, businesses can no longer afford to count upon their obscurity or diminutive size as a cloak that will protect them.  Botnets and automated attack tools now mean any connected system or device that can be used will be used, even if it is for the purpose of utilizing it to attack a third-party.  And if your organization does happen to have information of value on these systems, your business will likely pay the ultimate price.

In effect, most small businesses are ONE cyber-event away from bankruptcy.

And it isn’t just the event that will kill you, but the inevitable financial and legal events that will follow.  You know that the courts (and juries) expect business owners to act with reasonable care… claiming you were just ‘unlucky’ isn’t going to be a viable court defense.

Centripetum’s goal will be to help businesses achieve ‘due diligence’ through good policy, process, and procedure, quality (but cost-effective) technology solutions, and an evolution of organizational culture that more effectively incorporates an assessment of risks into business operations and decision-making.  It doesn’t mean that risk will be eliminated, but it means that you have a strategy for managing risk and dealing with the consequences and impacts when ‘bad luck’ comes your way.