22 Feb 2018

Four Corners CyberCon 2018 Presentation

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We would like to thank everyone who stopped by our booth and joined us for our presentation on incident response planning.  You can retrieve a PDF version of our presentation using the link below: By the way, for those of you who attended, you'll be happy to note that the video is [...]

1 Feb 2018

Visit Our Booth and Presentation at Four Corners CyberCon 2018

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Centripetum will have a booth at CyberCon 2018 being hosted at San Juan College in Farmington, NM.  In addition, the President will be presenting a lively and informative discussion on incident response planning: Have you noticed people talk about incident response plans and tabletop exercises, but no one seems to mention what should (and does) [...]

18 Oct 2017

2017 ISSA International Conference Presentation

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My thanks to everyone who attended my presentation earlier this month at the 2017 ISSA International Conference. My presentation can be downloaded here for anyone who would like a copy: Note that the presentation includes some additional links for both discussed and additional resources of information on the topic.

26 Jun 2017

Brown Bag Lunch Presentation: New Mexico Breach Notification Act

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The San Juan College Enterprise Center is hosting a Brown Bag Lunch, where we will be presenting an encore discussion of the New Mexico Data Breach Notification Act and its potential impacts on small and medium enterprises. It’s official: The New Mexico “Data Breach Notification Act” is in effect. If your business stores any data [...]

20 Jun 2017

Presenting at the 2017 ISSA International Conference

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There’s an old axiom: ‘What gets measured gets done.’  So how have you been demonstrating to your management and governance that your risk management and cybersecurity program is performing? Daniel Ziesmer, the President of Centripetum LLC, will ‘re-center’ the usually conversation of risk management and cybersecurity instead around ‘the business of doing business’, setting aside [...]

20 Jun 2017

Join Us at the Colorado Springs Technology and Training Forum

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Daniel Ziesmer, the President of Centripetum LLC, will be presenting at the 7th Annual Colorado Springs Technology and Training Forum (CSTTF), being held in Colorado Springs, CO, August 30-31. Daniel will be presenting on the use of business metrics to demonstrate the value of a risk management and cybersecurity program.  The concept isn’t actually new, [...]

28 Apr 2017

Four Corners CyberCon 2017 Presentations

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Yesterday the Four Corners CyberCon 2017 was held in Farmington at San Juan College.  As I understand it, there were a little over 130 in attendance, and the presentations were well received by everyone. My appreciation goes to everyone who was able to attend my presentations in-person.  For those who could not be there, or [...]